Cirka Typeface

Cirka is an elegant typeface that combines sweeping forms and a vertical axis with sharp, pointy serifs. It works great set large on posters or headers, or small, as body text. The typeface comes in four weights with 380 glyphs each. Language support for the Americas and most of Europe.

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Cirka_Case Study_V2_.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_2.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_3.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_4.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_5.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_6.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_7.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_8.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_9.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_10.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_11.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_12.png
Cirka_Case Study_V2_13.png