Silent Movies

I was tasked with creating a concert poster and invitation for Marc Ribot's album “Silent Movies". The primary theme of the album is solitude. I kept this in mind throughout the entire process. I wanted the viewer to be able to understand what kind of music they will hear if they attend this concert. I used two blob shapes overtop each other and a single dot as the main visual elements of the poster. An early rendition of Cirka was used as the main type.

Silent Movies-Web.png

Texture Explorations

These textures were created during the first listen of the album.


Potential Type Directions

Selected visual elements were paired with potential typographic directions.


Colour Explorations

Silent Movies-Web4.png

Selected Visual Elements

The chosen direction would be a combination of these three blobs. They were created using rough paper and permanent marker, then manipulated digitally.


Composition Explorations

Multiple typefaces and layout variations were explored.

Silent Movies-Web6.png

Colour Variations

I knew I wanted to use muted colours. Anything more vibrant would have felt much too loud for the album's general mood.


Final Poster

Poster Grid

Silent Movies-Web11.png

Invitation Design

Silent Movies-Web122.png
All Mocked 1.png