Silent Movies

I was tasked with creating a concert poster and invitation for Marc Ribot's album “Silent Movies". The primary theme of the album is solitude. I kept this in mind throughout the entire process. I wanted the viewer to be able to understand what kind of music they will hear if they attend this concert. I used two blob shapes overtop each other and a single dot as the main visual elements of the poster. A custom typeface was also developed as the main title type.

Silent Movies-Web.png

Texture Explorations

These textures were created during the first listen of the album.


Potential Type Directions

Selected visual elements were paired with potential typographic directions.


Colour Explorations

Silent Movies-Web4.png

Selected Visual Elements

The chosen direction would be a combination of these three blobs. They were created using rough paper and permanent marker, then manipulated digitally.


Composition Explorations

Multiple typefaces and layout variations were explored.

Silent Movies-Web6.png


A custom typeface was created for the event. The highlighted letters appear on the poster and invitation as the main header text.


Harbour was used as the body text for the event.


Colour Variations

I knew I wanted to use muted colours. Anything more vibrant would have felt much too loud for the album's general mood.


Final Poster

Poster Grid

Silent Movies-Web11.png

Invitation Design

Silent Movies-Web122.png
All Mocked 1.png